Summer 2017 Schedule

The First Tee offers two sets of programs: Regular Core Life Skills Classes and Weekly First Tee Golf Camps.

The First Tee of The Lowcountry Golf Summer Camp

This class is great for anyone who’s on vacation for a week visiting this great island and wants something fun and exciting for their children to do. The classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9-11:30am. These will include The First Tee Life Skills but also include deeper instruction about the fundamentals of golf. Players will learn the basics as well as rules, terminology, etiquette, and course layout. Any skill level of player may join as there will be a variety of coaches available to accommodate to the wide range of skill. Kids will also have chances to play on our 6-hole Par 3 course to get a better understanding of how the game is played.

The First Tee of The Lowcountry Life Skills Class

This class is a 6 week class that is held once a week on the day that is specified to the location. These class run from 4:30-6pm and are taught by The First Tee trained coaches. In this class, players will learn the Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits that are not only associated with golf but in life as well. This is a great way to get your beginner player started in the game as there are no real clubs used in the PLAYer Level for the first few weeks. They will be using modified clubs that are fun and easy to learn with. The PLAYer Level class is all about fun and extreme basics. The Par Level class offered at Rose Hill is much more involved when it comes to golf instruction, however, your child must be certified by a coach before they are eligible to join that class. If you have questions about joining a Par Level class please contact Nick Dunham at or call 315-935-5569.

The First Tee of The Lowcountry Facility

Weekly Summer Class Monday – Thursday: 9-11:30am
Coach: Nick Dunham

Week of June 12th
Week of June 19th
Week of June 26th
Week of July 10th
Week of July 17th

Life Skills Classes:

The First Tee of The Lowcountry Facility

Fridays: June 16th-July 28th 4:30-5:30pm
PLAYer level
Coach: Nick Dunham

Satellite Locations:

Eagles Point Golf Club

Wednesdays: June 14th-July 19th 4:30-6pm
PLAYer Level. Beginner and New student Level
Wes LeFebvre
Logan St. Cyr

Rose Hill Golf Club

Thursdays: June 15th-July 20th 4:30-6pm
Par Level (Must be PLAYer certified to attend)
Logan St. Cyr
Wes LeFebvre

TGC Pleasant Pointe

Thursdays: April 13th-May 18th 4:30-6pm
PLAYer Level
Coach: Justin Payne

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Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must provide transportation. Please have children in golf attire (Collared shirt, sneakers, hat). Clubs can be provided if necessary. Have children ready to go 5 minutes before class starts. If you expect to be late, call Nick Dunham at 315-935-5569 or the lead coach on site. Classes are held once a week during the same day that the class started on for 6 weeks.  Please make sure kids are ready with water, sunscreen, bug spray, hats, sunglasses and anything else you think they may need or want for the expected weather conditions.