Current Class Schedule

Fall 2017 Schedule

Fall classes are held once a week for 8 weeks from 4:30-6:00 p.m. Classes are held on the same day each week.

If you have never been a part of First Tee before, please sign up for one of our PLAYer classes. This is a mandatory entry level class. Students will progress quicker if they have more advanced skills. If you do not know whether your child has been PLAYer or Par certified call Nick Dunham at 315-935-5569 or email at ndunham@thefirstteelowcountry.org

Cash or check is required on first day of class unless paid online.

The First Tee of The Lowcountry Facility

Mondays starting September 11th:   Par Level Class (Must be PLAYer certified to attend).

Tuesdays starting September 12th:    PLAYer Level Class  (Beginner and new student level).

Thursdays starting September 14th:   Birdie Level.  (Must be Par Level Certified to attend).

Satellite Locations:

Eagles Point Golf Club

Wednesdays starting September 13th:  PLAYer Level   (Beginner and new student level).

Rose Hill Golf Club

Thursdays starting September 14th:  Par Level (Must be PLAYer certified to attend).

Parent(s)/Guardian must provide transportation, bring clubs if possible, clubs can be provided if necessary, and last week is the week of  class for spring sessions is the week of April 10th.

Life Skills Experience

The Life Skills Experience Program is The First Tee’s main program. This program is designed to teach 9 Core Values and 9 Healthy Habits using the game of golf to do so. These Life Skills include Respect, Courtesy, Responsibility, Honesty, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Judgement, Perseverance, and Integrity. The 9 Healthy Habits are split into 3 different groups: Physical Health – Play, Energy, Safety; Emotional Health – Mind, Family, Vision; Social Health – Friends, School, Community. Each and every lesson delivered is designed around these aspects in which The First Tee is built upon.

Within the Life Skills Experience Program are different levels. The levels are based on golf experience, age, and understanding of the life skills that have been taught within them. The levels currently offered at The Lowcountry chapter are PLAYer, Par, and Birdie. The PLAYer Level is an entry level where every new student needs to start regardless of skill level or age. This level teaches the 9 Core Values and 9 Healthy Habits. Starting age for this level is 7, however, any age above that can start. To move on to the Par Level, the student must pass certain criteria to be PLAYer certified. The Par level is designed to teach personal management skills. These include meeting and greeting people, how to maintain composure, and how to rate his/her golf game based upon personal skill level. To move on to Birdie level the student again must pass certain criteria to become Par certified. The Birdie Level has a minimum age of 9 and must be Par certified to be eligible for this class. This level teaches students how to set dreams and goals, and how to manage what’s important and under your control.

National School Program

This program is designed to expose elementary children to what The First Tee is all about. This is done during a PE class just like any other sport that is taught within the school district. The PE teacher and a First Tee coach teach the Core Values and Healthy Habits using SNAG Golf equipment and a very detailed, easy to learn curriculum. The goal of this program is to have children understand the fun and importance of golf and The First Tee values, thus transferring them to the Life Skills Experience.



Paralleling the structure of the golf instruction program, The First Tee life skills curriculum is divided into three levels, starting with Par (for beginners) and progressing through Birdie and Eagle.
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Modular Units


Each level consists of six life skills modules and every module contains a “core” lesson that all participants must be exposed to. The core lessons are suitable for delivery to any age group. In addition, the each module includes optional activities.
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